12 september 2013

As from June 20, 2013 Sakhalin Shipping Company has been providing vessels for delivery of supplies and support for offshore drilling platforms as well as work team transportation to and from drilling platforms on agreed schedule. 

03 july 2013

SASCO China Line announces the decrease of basic liner tariff at USD 50/TEU for all shipments from Ningbo and Shanghai terminals, destined to the terminal of Vostochny port.

26 march 2013

Sakhalin Shipping Company as the container operator has joint the Alphaliner Top-100 league.

15 march 2013
SASCO Intermodal takes part in transport exhibition TransRussia-2013 and invites all our clients
08 august 2012

EVERETT -- The Port of Everett on Monday welcomed the newest cargo carrier to town with a reception and harbor tour, in anticipation of the arrival from Russia Wednesday of a second vessel of the Sakhalin Shipping Co. (SASCO).

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Vladivostok-Magadan_enSASCO Intermodal offer your attencion a maritime transport and delivery of cargoes into Magadan port.










Vladivostok - Magadan line connects Vladivostok port on the north-western coast of the Japanese Sea with Magadan in Siberian North-East.

Vladivostok is one of the biggest ports of Russian Far East, administrative and industrial center of Primorsky region, and one of the biggest Russian Far Eastern towns. Vladivostok is a key station of Russian Far Eastern Railroad as well as terminal point for Trans Siberian Railroad.

Magadan is administrative center of Magadanskaya Oblast’, one of the most outlying (7100 km from the capital) and one of the youngest region centers of Russian Far East. It is situated on the coast of Tauaiskaya bay in the north of the Japanese Sea, on the isthmus connecting the Staritskogo peninsula with the mainland and having outlets to Nagayeva and Gerthnera bays. Magadan is an important center for trade, transportation, regional servicing and procurement. The biggest marine trading port of Russian North-East is located in Nagayeva Bay, which is opened all year round owing to ice-breaker assistance.

The Cargoes Carried:

Vladivostok - Magadan line primarily performs containerized cargo service, including dangerous ones and perishables (in reefer containers) as well as general cargo. 
 Liner vessels perform either interport service or multimodal transportation by railway and by sea.
The line delivers both ordinary container cargoes, and cargoes requiring specific handling, such as hazardous, refrigerated cargoes, autos and heavy duty vehicles, oversized and off-gauge cargoes.

Tentative Schedule:


Vessel Voy Departure from Vladivostok  Arrival to Vostochniy  Departure from Vostochniy  Arrival to Magadan Departure from  Magadan Arrival to Vladivostok
SIMUSHIR 1524 11.08.2015 05.08.2015 06.08.2015 17.08.2015 20.08.2015


ALDAN 1525 14.08.2015 10.08.2015 10.08.2015 20.08.2015 25.08.2015


SIMUSHIR 1526 28.08.2015  26.08.2015   26.08.2015 04.09.2015  09.09.2015